About us

Who are we?

Mailaddress website: info@oris-kusters.nl
Mailaddress Café Dapper: cafedapper@oris-kusters.nl
Address Café de Kroeg: Grotestraat 17 Nijmegen

Who are we?

I was born in Eindhoven but for my studies I moved to Nijmegen and continued to live there. I have been a special education teacher in Nijmegen for almost 30 years now. Our dogs Siro and Thisong go to school every day to assist me in class. I have also been active as a volunteer at Café Dapper for almost 25 years, the last few years as a coordinator.
For my work as a volunteer and the dogs in the class, I was awarded a Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau two years ago. René.

Hello, my name is Frans and I am René’s husband. I was born in Turnhout (B) and grew up in a village in the Flemish Kempen. Moved to the Netherlands around my thirties. Immediately fell in love with the city of Nijmegen. At the beginning of my stay here I worked for three years at the Nijmegen Municipal Archives and learned so much about the city. After that I switched to healthcare. I have also been a volunteer at Café Dapper for over 13 years. I like darts, football and computers. Also interested in Thailand and the Thai language and culture.

About this website.

Facebook is now a platform where discrimination, racism and homophobia are rampant. We were constantly unwittingly confronted with hatred and lies. That is why we have decided to maintain contact with our friends and acquaintances through our own website.

The website will become our digital living room. Only acquaintances are allowed to enter.

We will also post news items, travel reports and information related to Café Dapper here. We will also open a shop in the Dutch section with second-hand items.

Who is this website for?

This website is only intended for people from our circle of acquaintances and friends. It will only be possible to become a member after invitation from us.