Café Dapper (Brave)

Café Dapper (translation “brave”) has been the monthly meeting afternoon for gays with a (slight) intellectual disability for more than 22 years. It is a meeting place where we can get to know each other in a pleasant environment and where we can dance, chat and drink. Café Dapper is part of COC Nijmegen.

Café Dapper takes place every fourth Sunday of the month, from 2 to 5 pm in Café De Kroeg. There is then an opportunity to dance, chat or have a serious conversation. You can also listen to music, play a game, play darts or just drink a nice beer. The afternoon is always well attended by visitors from Nijmegen and far beyond and can be a great opportunity to make new friends or to look for a relationship. Check out our Facebook page for photos and other news: Café Dapper.

The Café Dapper team consists of a group of friendly volunteers: René Kusters-Oris (coordinator/contact person), Frans Oris-Kusters, Gerard Daniel, Will Groenewald, Will Jansen and the dogs Siro and Thisong.

2008 Burgemeester Ien Dalesprijs

Erik and Han receive the Mayor Ien Dales Award Cees van der Pluijm.

In 2008 Café Dapper won the Mayor Ien Dales Prize! This prize is intended to distinguish persons or organizations that have voluntarily and in a very personal and exemplary manner given shape to Article 1 of the Constitution in the Rijk van Nijmegen.

2010 10th anniversary with performance by Sieneke

2015 National Day and 15th anniversary



After the preparations it is time to go to the Lindenberg where the national meeting day will take place.

The hall fills up early and visitors are met at the door where they receive their drink vouchers and information about the program. Some guests are picked up by our volunteers from Central Station because they cannot get from the station to Lindenberg independently. Other guests come with their companion, assistance dog or by taxi. Each guest will receive two drink vouchers and two vouchers to order food from the buffet. Coffee and tea are free. Of course, there is also cake as Café Dapper exists 15 years this year.

The official opening is in the hands of alderman Bert Frings. In his opening speech, he says that an afternoon like this is very important for our target group. Loneliness of this group happens far too often. He indicated to the organization that he wanted to help think about the possibilities of inviting this target group to the 100th Four Days Marches. After the opening speech, a special word is addressed to the female visitors. They are often in the minority at the various gatherings in the country. Now is the chance to exchange data with each other. This way they can agree to go to the meetings together.

After that, several performances are planned. The presentation is in the hands of Albert Jan Aartsen and his assistant Miss Match.

The opening act is Suara, the band of Gaby Dumas. This band immediately sets the mood. Between the acts, our regular d.j. Frank Jacobs the music. The look-a-like of Laurel and Hardy are also walking around in the room. Many guests want to have their picture taken with them. After Suara it is time for Kees Verlaar to perform. He puts down a fine “Zangeres zonder Naam”. His live performance is also a success.

After Erik Derks has performed together with his regular pianist, it is time to open the buffet. Guests can choose between burgers, noodles or a vegetarian lasagna. De Lindenberg has done a great job on this and everyone is very satisfied.

After this it is time for the closing act. This is in the hands of our regular visitors Patricia, Kees and Danny (the entertainer). They provide a big party. The whole room participates in the polonaise.

With an attendance of about 120 guests, Nijmegen can look back on a successful national day. The response from the guests was also positive. The “Happy boys and girls” from Tilburg were so enthusiastic that they announced that they want to organize the national day next year.

2017 René receives Pink Star

In 2017 René received The Pink Star. The pink star of Nijmegen is awarded to a person who is committed in a special way to the gay movement in Nijmegen and the surrounding area. These can be voluntary activities, but also paid activities. Most importantly, the activities aim to contribute to a broad visibility of the gay movement and sexual diversity in Nijmegen and the surrounding area. The activity must also have a connecting element.

2017 Farewell to Agnes

2020 Royal decoration René

Just unexpectedly mayor Bruls on the phone. Because of my work at school. Siro and Thisong who help with this and the activities at COC-Nijmegen, especially Café Dapper, His Majesty Willem-Alexander has been pleased to appoint me as a Member of the Order of Oranje-Nassau. And Frans was aware. Proud, especially of Café Dapper. Hopefully those activities can start again soon after Corona.

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