Dog in the classroom

It has now been almost 13 years since the principal of the school asked me if I wanted to take our dog to school. Siro was still a puppy and they were curious about the impact on the students of having a dog in the classroom.

What a great success that turned out to be. A dog in the classroom makes students very calm. If the students can’t concentrate well, they go for a walk or cuddle with the dog and then can go back to their schoolwork later. They can also tell their story to the dog. The great thing is that the dog listens, but doesn’t judge.

Siro goes to school every day and now has an assistant, because Thisong has also been going to school in recent years.

Fortunately, more colleagues at our school see the usefulness of a dog in the classroom and Siro and Thisong are no longer the only dogs that regularly come to school.