Children’s clothing for our Thai princess

In this report, we immediately introduce one of our best friends in Chiang Mai Thailand. Namely Uthai Samathong. A fantastic and sincere guy.

We got to know Uthai about ten years ago at Doo Dee restaurant in Chiang Mai, which is located opposite to the Chiang Mai Gate hotel and where we stayed for the first time during our honeymoon. He worked there as a waiter, together with Toa (the owner and married to a Dutchman), Lek (a ladyboy), and the ladies Taa and Jiem. We usually took a nightcap at Doo Dee’s before going to sleep after an excursion. The restaurant was frequently visited by groups of western tourists who were also staying at Chiang Mai Gate hotel. Mostly very large groups of up to 50 people came for dinner to Doo Dee. It was therefore very hard work for Doo Dee’s staff, often at tropical temperatures. Over the years we have built up a bond with each other and had many fun afterparties.

At that time, Uthai stayed in a Buddhist temple Wat Phra Singh where he also worked as a driver for the monks.

On March 21, 2018, Uthai and his girlfriend Noom became the proud parents of Irene.

During our stay in Thailand in the summer of that year, my father unexpectedly passed away in Belgium. Since returning home to attend the funeral was not an option, Uthai arranged for us to say goodbye to my father at the temple Wat Phra Singh in a serene and Buddhist way.

Nowadays Uthai works as a taxi driver in Chiang Mai. He always picks us up at Chiang Mai International Airport. We always take a suitcase full of children’s clothes for Irene. They really appreciate it. We and our Thai friends would also like to thank the donors of these clothes, namely Rafi, Mathijs, Anne Louise, Manon, Alfred and Elivia. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we have not been able to visit Thailand for several years and we have decided to send packages with clothing this year.

We have also decided to contribute financially to Irene’s education. So that she can make a good start in her life.

Irene is now almost 5 years old and we hope to meet the family again as soon as possible.

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